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AGobiTM Stabilizing Airways Launches its All-In-One Airways Stabilizing Device for Endoscopic Procedures

BRADENTON, FL, January 4, 2016 / -- AGobi, Inc., a Florida-based medical device company designing and delivering innovative solutions for endoscopic procedures, announced today the launch of its new multi-port airways stabilizing device for improved precision and control in all endoscopic, laryngoscopic and bronchoscopic procedures. For anesthesiologists and gastroenterologists, AGobiTM Stabilizing Airways provides efficient airway management for easier navigation through difficult anatomy in order to obtain an accurate achievement of target diameters. Where some airway management devices have been reported to demonstrate inaccuracy or failed attempts, AGobiTMStabilizing Airways research data supports that it more accurately achieves access to targeted areas of examination with less patient trauma or multiple attempts.

According to Dr. Jon L. Benumof,1 an Elected lifetime honorary member of the Society for Airway Management, “The fundamental responsibility of an anesthesiologist is to maintain adequate gas exchange in the patient. For this to be done, the patient’s airway must be managed so that it is almost continuously patent. Failure to maintain a patent airway for more than a few minutes results in brain damage or death.”

The AGobiTMAll-In-One Airway Stabilizing device is an important addition to the medical industry because it is the only one of its kind to allow for multiple procedures to be administered during endoscopic examinations. AGobiTM Stabilizing Airways provides the following benefits to gastroenterologists:

  • Ease of use for a more precise and efficient navigation of endoscopy
  • The softer atraumatic tip is designed for efficient insertion and navigation to the targeted examination sites while protecting sensitive anatomy
  • The bite block which minimizes jaw soreness and protects teeth
  • The specialized flavor pads inset into the bite block for an enhancement of taste
  • The multi-port accessibility for supplying oxygen, monitoring end tidal carbon dioxide levels and allowing for endoscopic examination concurrently, thus providing a broader offering of unique diameters when compared to the industry standard

The new AGobiTM device is exciting for healthcare providers because of its advancements in airway stabilization precision — and the opportunities it presents for accessing a more comprehensive and cost-effective product for use in EndoTherapy procedures. The announcement builds upon a continuing commitment to the triple aim of healthcare reform – increased quality of care, reduced costs and improved patient satisfaction.

Designed specifically with ease of use and patient safety in mind, the AGobiTM Stabilizing Airways device helps physicians deliver value to patients and helps healthcare facilities meet the following key healthcare reform initiatives:

  • Increased Quality of Care — AGobiTM Stabilizing Airways device contributes to easier, more precise access to complicated anatomy, potentially reducing the risks of trauma and complications
  • Decreased Costs — AGobiTM All-In-One Airway Stabilizing device allows for multiple procedural processes to be completed at the same time
  • Patient Satisfaction — The AGobiTM Airway Stabilizing device helps physicians access the anatomy and provide treatment to patients in need so they can have a better quality of life

Healthcare providers are invited to visit the AGobiTM website for a 3-D product demonstration. For more information about AGobiTM Stabilizing Airways please contact an AGobiTM customer service representative at 1.800.445.3043.

About AGobiTM

AGobiTM Stabiling Airways, Inc., a global technology leader, develops solutions for healthcare professionals that help improve clinical outcomes, reduce overall costs and enhance quality of life for their patients by enabling less invasive procedures, innovative diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy for early stage evaluation and treatments. AGobiTM is transforming the future of healthcare.

1 - Jonathan L. Benumof, MD http://www.iars.org/awards/jbenumof/ University of California, San Diego - San Diego, California [Disclaimer: Dr. Jonathan L. Benumof is not affiliated with AGobiTM or its products and neither approves nor denies any statements made on behalf of AGobiTM and/or its products.]
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