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No Special Courses or Sophisticated Training is Necessary

No special courses or sophisticated training is necessary to learn how to insert the AGobiTM All-In-One Airway Stabilizing device and it easily connects to ambubags or noninvasive mechanical ventilator devices, making it an easy-to-use alternative in almost any medical situation.**

Just follow the steps below to insert the AGobiTM All-In-One Airway Stabilization device

Step 1

Lubricate the oral piece with lubricating gel or a topical anesthetic.
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Step 2

Slowly insert oral piece while keeping tongue depressed at all times.
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Step 3

Use rubber strap to keep oral piece in place by wrapping it around back of head.
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Step 4

Connect oxygen source to the large side port for oxygen supplementation.
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Step 5

Connect the carbon dioxide monitor (if applicable) to the smaller port on the opposite side.
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Step 6

By opening lid of the multiport adaptor, insert the endoscope through the tubular mouth piece.
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For other indications to support airway patency, insert suction catheter through the tubular mouth depressor piece.
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Step 7

Dispose of the AGobiTM device properly.


  • Deformity of Oral Cavity or Upper Airway
  • Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure Requiring Orotracheal Intubation
  • Hypercarbic Respiratory Failure Requiring Orotracheal Intubation
  • Decreased Responsiveness
  • Nausea or Vomiting
  • Choking or Blockage due to Foreign Object
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